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St. MAM Child Development Center

Infants 6 wks - 5 yrs Located @ Lyndon Baptist Church (2min. from the Watterson Expressway) 8025 LaGrange Rd. Hours 7a - 6p 502-426-3663:

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Upcoming Events and Activities.

  • 2014 St. MAM Golf Classic: This first ever fund raising event for St. Matthews Area Ministries will be held Monday, May 19 at Wildwood Country Club, 5000 Bardstown Rd. Included will be door prizes, lunch, dinner and a silent auction to benefit St.MAM's mission. More info.
  • The 2014 “Pulling Together” Auction/Banquet: This annual fund raising event will be Thursday, November 13 at Wildwood Country Club.  Plan to join us for games and silent and live auctions and a delightful buffet meal.

The Mission of St. MAM

St. Matthews Area Ministries seeks to unite the resources and people of area congregations to effectively meet community needs. Through St. MAM, area congregations collaborate and partner with government, schools, businesses, and other non-profits to meet emergency needs, to stabilize families in transitional situations, to provide a nurturing and healthy environment for children and youth, and to offer resources for the benefit of the whole community.

Telling the Story of St. MAM

She called to say that she wanted to contribute some food to the St. MAM pantry. Six months before she was a beneficiary of the food pantry; now she wanted to support the cause that had helped her through difficult times. She showed up at St. MAM with a generous donation of groceries and infant/toddler items for the Early Essentials Pantry.

He approached the Executive Director at an ecumenical Thanksgiving service and began, "Mr. Lane, I just wanted to share with you that St. MAM saved my life. I am an alcoholic, albeit dry now for the last twenty years, but it was the Chemical Intervention program at St. MAM that literally helped to turn my life around."

She was described as essentially beyond help due to the size of her rental bill including penalties, and on the verge of eviction. Never before had she or her husband experienced such financial calamity and they had always been able to pay their bills. Suddenly he was unable to secure any work as a contract laborer and her professional working hours were cut from 40 per week to 8. Within two hours of meeting with the St. MAM Director of Family Services, the landlord had agreed to waive late fees ($600+), pledges were secured for the balance owed, and the couple was stabilized without fear of eviction.

He is an elderly retired gentleman. Both he and his wife had recently been hospitalized and medical expenses had simply overwhelmed them. Unable to meet their bills, they went from 'getting by' to the proverbial 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'. When approached for help, St. MAM collaborated with Louisville Water to get the couple’s water bill covered, thereby freeing up cash for their necessary and expensive prescriptions. Further relief came in the form of food assistance.

Four years of age, she came to the St. MAM Child Development Center with a serious medical condition. It was soon apparent that the child was not only the victim of a very chaotic and unstable family situation, but also suffering neglect and sometimes abuse. The experience of a trained and intuitive Director led to appropriate intervention that made all the difference, coupled with the nurture and love of a caring staff.

A victim of post-traumatic stress and a Vietnam veteran, he never asked for anything more than a pair of shoes. Walking anywhere from 15-20 miles per day while carrying his equipment, he provided basic yard service and landscaping. Shoes simply do not hold up well under such grinding usage and varying weather conditions. St. MAM provides the shoes that allow this gentleman to go to work.


Current Ways to Help

Food bank needs
We are in constant need of staples like rice, pasta, canned meats, peanut butter, cereal and soups.  Additionally we need cleaning products and personal care items.

Toddler and Infant needs
Current needs include clothing (size to 3T), shoes, socks, bottles and baby wipes and shampoo.

Recycle to assist our Child Development Center
Children and staff at StMAM's CDC participate in the Funding Factory Recycling.  They collect empty printer cartridges, cell phones, other small electronics and laptops and send the products to the Funding Factory in exchange for technology or recreation products.  Community and businesses supporters can drop off these items at the CDC, 8025 La Grange Rd.  To learn more or donate call Julie Abbott or Jennifer Williams at 426-3663.

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