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St. Matthews Area Ministries Board

Job Description

Our board members function to serve the board and church they represent as a voting member; to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of St. MAM nonprofit; to monitor finances of the organization, its programs and performance. Our members are lay representatives of St. MAM member churches. They are appointed or elected by the church they represent according to that member church's procedure.

For more information regarding our board members click one of the below links to an Adobe Acrobat PDF document:


3rd Monday of each Month
February Board Retreat (on a Saturday)
No meeting: Months of July & November
Early December Board Meeting
November “Pulling Together” Auction/Banquet (2nd Thursday)


Liaison between Home Church & St. MAM
Govern the Affairs of St. MAM as Board
Advocate on behalf of St. MAM (church budgets, etc.)
Represent a True Ecumenical Spirit…Coming Together
Promote St. MAM in Addressing Unmet Needs
Fiduciary Responsibility to Monitor St. MAM Finances
Fundraise on behalf of St. MAM (Auction, 5k Race, etc.)
Educate Home Church regarding this Ecumenical Mission


Privilege of Serving with other Traditions
Privilege of Advocating on behalf of Ecumenical Missions
Privilege of Serving Home Church & Community
Helping to address the most basic Human Needs

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